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You do not have to look far for a Twitter bio that reads 'views my own and not my employer' or 'RT ≠ endorsement'. That is because what journalists post on social media has become a thorny issue, brought into focus by social media guidelines for BBC staff introduced last year.

The fact is, what journalists post online can sometimes reflect poorly on their employers or the media industry as a whole. The counter-argument is that journalists rightly want to use the platforms for their designed purpose: spreading views and opinions.

When it comes to YouTube, it is a part of the internet which rewards polarisation with popularity, recommending viewers heavy doses of similar content to what they have already watched and subscribed to. This could be tricky territory for the impartial journalist and there are not too many who produce original content for the platform.

One exception is Josh Helmuth, morning news anchor for Good Morning Colorado, a show by US local TV station KRDO, who took to YouTube when the coronavirus pandemic took hold in March 2020. At this time, he started to post advice content for journalists to support them at this difficult time. But later he also strayed into more commentary-led pieces. One of his most popular videos to date focused on why audiences should stop using "the media" as an umbrella term for talking about specific grievances towards news organisations.

In this week's podcast, Helmuth discusses the virtues of YouTube, from supporting fledgeling parts of the industry to spreading brand awareness of KRDO. At the same time, he has to be conscious of not letting his opinion speak for his employers and the industry. He reveals what guidance and guidelines he gets from his bosses, recognising the responsibility journalists have not to be sowing controversy and division online.

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