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What Android device do you need for your mobile reporting?

Samsung, LG, Huawei or Xiaomi? Mobile journalists and trainers offer insight into which devices they are using for smartphone reporting and teaching

Posted by Jacob Granger on 18/11/19

Tip: Five ways journalists can use Facebook to further their reporting

From using groups to sharing live video, the social network now allows reporters to do much more than posting holiday pictures

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 04/11/19

First thoughts and early impressions on the Facebook News tab

The new feature promises revenue and reach for a selection of news publishers - but does the industry think it is an olive branch or a PR exercise?

Posted by Jacob Granger and Daniel Green on 01/11/19

Tip: Take your video content to the next level

These lessons from Facebook's Video Accelerator programme show you how to gain more viewers

Posted by Daniel Green on 01/11/19

How to add IGTV videos into series on Instagram

The new feature keeps audiences watching your video content - here is how to set it up

Posted by Jacob Granger on 29/10/19

What iPhone do you need for your mobile reporting?

Do you really need the latest 11 Pro Max? Here is a rundown of the Apple devices that mobile journalism trainers, reporters and lecturers are using

Posted by Jacob Granger on 21/10/19

How to engage with news consumers through private messaging apps

Find out how publishers can make the most of the rise of dark social sharing

Posted by André van Loon on 18/10/19

The state of information in global newsrooms: tools and tech on the rise, but digital not the answer to everything

A new report by the International Center for Journalists shows that although the number of journalists using social media verification tools has doubled in two years, newsrooms still lack tech specialists

Posted by Jacob Granger on 17/10/19

Facebook Community News Project enabled local reporters to go back to basics - and it worked

"Innovation is what links the old to the new": NCTJ's head of partnerships reflects on the mission and meaning of the local journalism scheme one year since its launch

Posted by Will Gore on 16/10/19

Mobile journalism legend Yusuf Omar is joining Newsrewired

Join us on 27 November in London to learn how 5G internet, augmented reality and artificial intelligence will impact our lives and take media to a new world

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 10/10/19

How to use Instagram for live conference coverage

Video interviews, quote cards and behind-the-scenes shots are a great way to engage your audience and spread the knowledge beyond the physical boundaries of the venue

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 09/10/19

Have your say: Reporters Without Borders launches public call to determine trustworthy news outlets

The Journalism Trust Initiative wants to help increase page views and ad revenue for news organisations compliant with professional standards

Posted by Jacob Granger on 07/10/19

App for journalists: InShot, for creating distinctive social media posts

Bring your mojo content to life on social media with filters, stickers and text options

Posted by Daniel Green on 03/10/19

Fever Pit'ch: a football newsletter powered by reader-first approach and strong community

Launched in Germany last year, the startup uses data to drive editorial strategy and monetise sports content sent daily to more than 11,000 subscribers

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 02/10/19

Tool for journalists: Credder, for ranking credible and non-credible articles

This new Google Chrome plug-in allows news readers to rate pieces of journalism out of five and give the reasons why - producing a 'mould vs gold' leaderboard of journalists and news outlets

Posted by Jacob Granger on 25/09/19

Five tips for building an audience for your podcast

The hosts and co-founders of Dope Black Dads, No Country for Young Women and #QueerAF share how they established themselves in an increasingly crowded field

Posted by Daniel Green on 18/09/19

Live-streaming app Happs is set to innovate breaking news

The app enables citizen journalists and news curators to source and produce real-time content for Twitter and Periscope

Posted by Daniel Green on 11/09/19

Can TikTok save journalism? The Washington Post is set to find out

With its funny videos and memes, the US news site amassed 78k followers in three months, even inspiring teens to want to become journalists

Posted by Daniel Green on 21/08/19

The Telegraph is growing its subscriptions with WhatsApp audio briefings

Commuters who engage with personalised voice updates are 12 times more likely to become paying subscribers, according to the publisher

Posted by Jacob Granger on 21/08/19

CNN launches Facebook-funded mobile-first daily news show 'Go There'

The new show features single-topic global stories created exclusively for Facebook Watch to help the broadcaster figure out what mobile news audiences want

Posted by Jacob Granger on 13/08/19

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Five key courses for journalists in September

We are organising courses in data journalism, iPhone reporting, open data for journalists and creating a buzz on social media

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 31 July 2013

Beet.TV: The New York Times, real-time advertising and Twitter trending data

Beet.TV has an interesting video with Michael Zimbalist, vice president for research & development, and operations at the New York Times, in which he discusses a new advertising tool called Spark which utilises the Times’s data on stories trending on social media. According to Beet.TV the tool “serves display advertising into stories as they are [...]

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 19 February 2013

Hurricane Sandy and verification: 4 key takeaways from Storyful Hangout

A look at the four main points which came out of a Google+ Hangout, hosted by Storyful on the subject of verification during Hurricane Sandy

Posted by Rob Grant on 11 December 2012

Study: Fewer UK journalists feel social media improves productivity in 2012 than in 2011

An annual study into how UK journalists feel social media impacts on their work was announced this week by Canterbury Christ Church University and public relations and media services outlet Cision. The report’s findings are based on 769 responses from UK journalists. According to a release from the university the study found an “increasing number [...]

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 19 September 2012

#wef12: Why news outlets must embrace a participatory culture

Al Jazeera's Riyaad Minty and Mark Little's Storyful on why news outlets must understand the relationship between news reporting and social media

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 4 September 2012

Guardian US, #smarttakes and 'pop-up aggregation'

The Guardian's US operation announces the launch of a new socially-driven aggregation series called #smarttakes

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 19 July 2012

How important are 'tweet' and 'like' buttons to news publishers?

A conversation was sparked on the effect of social media sharing buttons by the designer Oliver Reichenstein on his blog informationArchitects

Posted by Daniel Bentley on 1 June 2012

Online news startups need help converting readers into supporters

A report by J-Lab has found that even though online news start-ups have access to a wide range of social media tools, they struggle with how to measure their impact

Posted by Daniel Bentley on 31 May 2012

#GEN2012: Interactive graphics case studies from the Guardian

The Guardian's Alastair Dant shares the news outlet's approach to using interactivity to present data and stories to their audience

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 30 May 2012

Bitly launches 'bitmark' social bookmarking service

Bitly, the popular link shortener used by lots of news websites, announces its ‘bitmark’ service

Posted by Daniel Bentley on 29 May 2012

Guardian's n0tice launches Facebook sharing app

Online noticeboard n0tice launches app to auto-post updates to Facebook

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 1 May 2012

Tool of the week for journalists: Muck Rack

Muck Rack is a site that aggregates Twitter and social media feeds for thousands of professional journalists

Posted by James Chapple on 5 April 2012

Economist seeks to build relationships with 1m Facebook fans

'It's about building relationships on Facebook and monetizing outside', according to the Economist's global publisher, digital editions

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 29 March 2012

Searchmetrics: Financial Times is news outlet with most Google+ followers

Daily Mail and Telegraph stories get most Google +1 recommendations

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 22 March 2012

Social predicted to overtake search as Guardian traffic driver

'It's only a matter of time until social overtakes search for the Guardian,' says Tanya Cordrey, director of digital development at Guardian News and Media

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 21 March 2012

Digital news editor @fieldproducer leaving Sky News

Sky News's digital news editor Neal Mann, known to 43,000 people on Twitter as @fieldproducer, has announced he has decided to leave the broadcaster.

Posted by Paul McNally on 19 March 2012

Sky News Twitter restrictions - where do you stand?

Sky News emails staff telling them not to retweet - a round-up of opinion

Posted by Paul McNally on 8 February 2012

Tool of the week for journalists - Rippla, for tracking the social 'ripples' of news stories

A tool for tracking the sharing of news stories on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 20 December 2011

Tool of the week for journalists - Playground, to monitor social media analytics

This new platform helps you monitor Facebook, Twitter, blogs and could become a favourite tool of data journalists

Posted by Marianne Bouchart on 29 November 2011

Rippla, a site to monitor the social media 'ripples' of news stories, launches

You can now see how stories from the UK's top 10 news sites are shared on social media – and view the social media 'ripples' created by stories on your own news site

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 17 November 2011

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