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When your deadline is hours or minutes away and you're rushing to file your story, typos or spelling mistakes that have crept in can be harder to spot.

Check out this NPR Training article from Amy Morgan, digital engagement editor and former copy editor at NPR, which provides a checklist to help avoid and prevent grammar and other common mistakes.

Spotting typos becomes trickier once you've read your article multiple times, as your eyes can just glaze over the mistakes and interpret them as correct spellings, especially if you're in a rush.

Morgan advises changing the text format or font, or taking a break and going for a walk before re-reading your story, for example in a printed version if it's an online submission.

She also points out that certain parts, such as headlines and final paragraphs, are more important because readers place more emphasis on them, so remember to check them before publishing or submitting your article.

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