Credit: Pixabay

Projects such as the slow journalism startup Tortoise show that crowdfunding is fast becoming another tool in a newsroom’s arsenal to fund journalism.

However, deciding to launch a successful fundraising campaign is no mean feat.

So how do you make sure yours is a big hit?

Community coordinator at the European Journalism Centre Stella Volkenand spoke to four journalists from a variety of different community-supported publications to find the best tips on starting your own campaign.

Sean Dagan Wood, publisher at Positive News, said that to make any campaign work requires months of preparation and planning.

"We began planning our new business strategy years in advance and started priming our established audience for the crowdfunding campaign a few months before launch.

"Hitting the ground running with our core audience piling in to buy shares created a crucial start - and because of effective planning, we were ready to then maintain that momentum through our constant marketing and PR activity."

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