Last week demonstrated how to create advanced search columns in Tweetdeck.

This week's screencast shows how you can sync Tweetdeck with Bitly to get personalised link data, revealing information about what kind of engagement the links you post to Twitter are getting.

If you are familiar with Bitly, you may already know that you can add a plus sign to the end of any link to see how many people have clicked on it, where in the world those clicks came from, and who shared a link to that content.

This is useful to learn what content you post about is getting the most engagement, particularly if you're experimenting with various ways of writing tweets and posting at different times of day.

By default, Tweetdeck uses Twitter's own link shortening, but you can change that to sync with your own Bitly account.

Watch the screencast to see how you can do this, or follow the steps below.

1. You will need your Bitly username and API key, which you can get by logging into Bitly and going to 'settings' in the right-hand corner.

2. Click the 'advanced' tab, and at the bottom of the page you will find your legacy API key. Copy and paste the long number.

3. Go to Tweetdeck, then 'Settings', then 'Services', and from the dropdown choose Bitly as your preferred link shortener.

4. Then key in your Bitly username and API key and click 'done'.

5. Now when you post a link to Twitter through Tweetdeck, you'll be able to see Bitly analytics without the extra step of having to copy and paste a link into Bitly first.

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