viral video

It’s the nirvana of content creation, publishing online and then sitting back and watching as your media or content goes viral. The question is, can you guarantee your content will have such success?

This one-day masterclass looks to see what we can learn from successful viral video campaigns, identifies ten key qualities of successful campaigns and highlights what we can do in the planning and production processes to increase our chances of going viral.

This workshop, led by Dean Arnett, also looks at how we can better engage an audience through key story and narrative techniques and even explores where our target audience hangs out so we can best reach them.

As with all courses, the training will focus on the latest tools and techniques with an emphasis on practical, hands-on learning.

Tea, coffee and danish pastries plus a sandwich buffet lunch are included.

This course will cover:

What is viral video?

  •    What's the definition of viral?
  •    What do all successful viral videos have in common? What’s the attraction?
  •    Thinking of publication or broadcast as a bigger viral campaign.

What is a story?

  •    The definition of a story;
  •    The role of a story;
  •    Our storytelling goals.

Understanding the audience

  •    Getting to know your audience;
  •    Going out and finding your audience;
  •    Connecting with your audience;
  •    Building your audience.

Viral video common values

  •    Must it have a cat?
  •    The 10 secrets of successful viral video;
  •    Designing a viral video / campaign.

Narrative structure and how to best engage the audience

  •    Emotional engagement;
  •    Narrative structure;
  •    The H.E.C. test.

Production techniques

  •    Shooting, editing and production design;
  •    What equipment will I need?
  •    File types and how to publish.

The when, where and why of online video publishing

  •    Re-versioning and creating a campaign;
  •    Matching video treatments and versions to social platforms and knowing when to publish for maximum impact.

Getting there

This course will be held at The Bridge, 81 Southwark Bridge Road, London SE1 0NQ

About Dean Arnett

Dean Arnett is an international award winning, self-shoot documentary producer. He has worked all over the world, most notably for the BBC and Discovery.

He is also an award winning media trainer, designing and delivering film and editing courses for video-journalists and self-shoot producers.

In 2014 he was awarded the coveted, ’Rising Star award’ at the 2014 Canadian International Film Festival for his BBC documentary ‘Burying the Past'.

He continues to shoot documentaries and deliver training for broadcast and commercial organisations all over the world, including: the BBC, Discovery, Thomson Foundation, Dropbox, Canon Europe, Press Association, The Frontline Club and many others.

Find him on Twitter @deanarnett.