mobile storytelling

The iPhone is a powerful tool for content producers, communication professionals and journalists. But do you know how to use the phone in your pocket to its full potential?

From capturing and sharing photos, audio and video, to editing content and streaming live, smartphones can complement traditional storytelling tools and allow you to reach audiences in new and innovative ways.

Taught by award-winning producer Jack Soper, this workshop offers an introduction to mobile journalism and storytelling. It provides practical tips for getting the best from your smartphone and discusses a range of apps and accessories to consider.

This course will cover:

  • practical tips for good video and audio coverage;

  • filming sequences, framing and editing;

  • recording interviews;

  • sharing your content and reaching audiences.

As with all courses, the training will focus on the latest tools and techniques with an emphasis on practical, hands-on learning.

The workshop includes practical exercises and group discussion, and participants will leave inspired and equipped with the fundamental skills needed to start creating quality content using their iPhones.

Tea, coffee and biscuits plus a sandwich buffet lunch are included.

What to bring

Please bring your iPhone and/or iPad. A laptop will also be useful to take notes.

Whilst this course focuses on the iPhone, many of the concepts discussed can be translated to other smartphones and small cameras.

One-day course structure


  • Overview and examples of mobile journalism in action;

  • Practical session on capturing stills, video and audio using the phone;

  • Exercise using these skills and playback on screen with discussion;

  • Practical considerations – managing storage, battery life.


  • Shooting and editing sequences and short packages with iMovie;

  • Exercise and playback;

  • Livestreaming apps, demonstration and discussion;

  • Storytelling apps.

Getting there

This course will be held at The Bridge, 81 Southwark Bridge Road, London SE1 0NQ.

About Jack Soper

Jack Soper is a trainer and producer with over 15 years of experience in media.

He trains journalists and content producers in smartphone reporting and produces content for BBC Radio and Online outlets. He is also a visiting lecturer in media and journalism at City, University of London, and University of Westminster.

In 2013, he won the Gold Sony Radio Academy Award for his audio promotions.

Find him on Twitter and Linkedin.