One of our most popular courses, Social Media Content Strategies has been a sell-out every time and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive: “very informative and inspirational”, “incredibly helpful, full of useful tips and tools.”

So if you’d like to improve your social media offering, generate more creative and engaging content and come away brimming with ideas and inspiration, then this is the course for you.

This two-part workshop, led by former BBC journalist Sue Llewellyn, is designed to help you understand what works – and what doesn’t – in social media.

It will help you to understand the psychology of social media, what makes people click and share and really empower you to get your content strategy buzzing.

Course description

This course will help you to think creatively about generating content that your audiences will genuinely want to engage with.

Aimed at journalists, writers, programme-makers, PRs and communications teams, the course is perfect for anyone who wants to be able to generate story ideas, find new media angles, and create engaging social media content.

What will the course cover?

  • An overview of the social media landscape, current trends, user habits and behaviours.
  • how to identify audiences and target influencers;
  • what makes great content and how to generate it;
  • how to improve and optimise the shareability and discoverability of your content;
  • and loads of time-saving tips and techniques.

At the end of this course you will have a deeper understanding of:

  • what needs to be done to build a really effective content strategy;
  • what makes great, clickable content and how to maximise engagement;
  • and what really motivates people to like, comment and share.

Skill level:

This course is not suitable for total beginners, and is aimed at those with some prior social media experience.

Getting there

As with all Sue Llewellyn’s courses, the training emphasises strategic, practical, supportive learning and will be delivered in two parts via Zoom on Wednesday 7 and Wednesday 14 July.

It will run between 9am and 12.30pm BST on both days.

About Sue Llewellyn

Sue is a former BBC journalist who spent 15 years in the TV newsroom.

Over the last 12 years working as an independent consultant, Sue has helped leadership teams develop social media strategies and led a wide range of training initiatives to inspire and empower others to ‘get social’.

She introduced Twitter to the BBC Newsroom and since 2009 has been responsible for designing and leading social media training across the corporation. Aside from the BBC, her clients include The Wellcome Trust, The Financial Times, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Team GB and many other businesses.

To date she has personally trained over 6,000 people including many of the top names in British broadcasting.

Find her on Twitter @suellewellyn


“Excellent course. Sue's a great communicator and trainer.”

“It was incredibly helpful, full of useful tips and tools, and you clearly know your stuff. We’ve actually had a social media consultant working with us for the last month or so but I got more from one day with you than six weeks with them. I can’t imagine where we’d be if we’d had you on board for six weeks.”

“Your course has already had a really positive impact on our reach and more importantly engagement.”