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Apps, opportunities and the future of mobile journalism: Takeaways from MojoFest takes you to Galway, Ireland, to get the hottest tips, advice and industry updates from the ever-growing community of smartphone content creators

Posted by Caroline Scott on 12/06/18

3 free apps for screen-recording on your Android smartphone

Are you a mobile journalism trainer or creative video producer? Check out these apps for documenting your smartphone workflow

Posted by Raúl Fernández on 05/06/18

How to tackle the challenges of implementing mobile journalism in the newsroom

Journalists at MojoFest discuss training, workflow and the importance of getting your colleagues on side

Posted by Caroline Scott on 30/05/18

BBC mobile journalism pilot scheme sees 15 experienced camera operators shoot with iPhones over three months

The project is designed to see, once and for all, whether a smartphone really is a suitable device for daily newsgathering

Posted by Caroline Scott on 29/05/18

No filter: The importance of light when you're taking photos with your smartphone

Ryan Pernofski, mobile photographer and graphic designer, explains how he captures detailed images of fast-moving scenes on his iPhone

Posted by Caroline Scott on 21/05/18

App for journalists: Vlogit, for producing eye-catching social videos

This free Android app will stitch your videos together in HD, with no watermark or time limit

Posted by Caroline Scott on 24/04/18

The three pillars of mobile journalism: Q&A with Marc Settle, smartphone reporting trainer at the BBC

'The smartphone enables the journalist to always be a journalist'

Posted by Björn Staschen and Wytse Vellinga on 06/04/18

Mobile journalism gives new freedom of expression

The technology is an important asset to journalists in the developing world

Posted by Björn Staschen and Wytse Vellinga on 05/04/18

Mobile journalism in the heat: A look at the Dutch documentary filmed in the Peruvian desert

Twan Spierts, reporter, Omroep Brabant, explained why he went mobile when reporting on the toughest rally in the world

Posted by Caroline Scott on 26/03/18

5 iOS apps for creative mobile storytelling

Marc Settle, smartphone trainer, BBC Academy, lists some of his go-to apps, as well as some of his new finds

Posted by Holly Etheridge on 13/03/18

#newsrw: How to follow along with newsrewired

Our 21st event will discuss the latest trends in digital journalism, including memberships and audience engagement, live video online, mobile storytelling and news on voice-controlled devices

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 07/03/18

Tip: Check out these apps to enhance your mobile storytelling

Investing in these apps can help you upgrade your filming and audio

Posted by Vanessa Kress on 15/02/18

Speakers from CNN and Reuters to share insights at newsrewired, 7 March

Eliza Mackintosh, digital producer at CNN International, and Tessa Kaday, senior product manager for video at Reuters, will discuss mobile-first journalism and best practices for online video respectively

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 08/02/18

Kit and advice for shooting and editing with a smartphone

Nicolas Becquet, a journalist and digital platforms manager for the Belgian daily L'Echo, gives his tips for starting out with mobile journalism

Posted by Nicolas Becquet on 01/02/18

Lessons from training hundreds of community journalists in 25 countries over four months

Hashtag Our Stories has been to 25 countries in a bid to create social media shows in every language

Posted by Caroline Scott on 22/01/18

'More views, angles and perspective': Why community journalism may be the future of news

Hashtag Our Stories co-founder Yusuf Omar explains why advancements in digital technology will help more people tell their stories

Posted by Caroline Scott on 16/01/18

Seven lessons learned in a year teaching mobile journalism

How mojo can be used as a bridge-builder in the newsroom, the importance of choosing the right kit, and why storytelling always comes first

Posted by Corinne Podger on 08/01/18

'We went for goofy': Lessons from Omrop Fryslân's first Facebook Live with multiple cameras

The publisher used the platform for a festive hour-long live stream to look back on 2017

Posted by Caroline Scott on 22/12/17

How to simultaneously shoot and edit highlight videos using Velapp

This free iOS app enables journalists to quickly produce video content for social media

Posted by Caroline Scott on 11/12/17

App for journalists: Enlight Videoleap, for editing video packages on your smartphone

Get creative with your social videos with this free iOS app for mobile journalists

Posted by Caroline Scott on 04/12/17

5 crowdsourced tips for managing storage on your smartphone

Get to grips with handling large files on your device, and never miss a shot again

Posted by Caroline Scott on 21/11/17

3 free Android apps for making cinemagraphs on the go

Tired of using gifs? Make your photographs come alive with elements of subtle motion

Posted by Caroline Scott on 20/11/17

Throwback Thursday: Mobile journalism, video on the web and 'holding back the pace of change online'

From the archives: In November 2007, Reuters was experimenting with mobile journalism, and online video production was 'slowed down' by a lack of experience

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 02/11/17

How to record and publish podcasts using Anchor

Whether you own an iPhone or an Android device, you have an audio production tool in your pocket

Posted by Caroline Scott on 30/10/17

App for journalists: VeeR Editor, for editing 360-degree video on your smartphone

Check out this free app for editing your spherical footage on the go

Posted by Caroline Scott on 27/10/17

How to broadcast live with another person on Instagram

Conduct video interviews remotely by livestreaming from two accounts at the same time, through a single feed

Posted by Caroline Scott on 25/10/17

Prothom Alo is building the largest mobile journalism network in Bangladesh

Jamil Khan, mobile specialist, Prothom Alo, explains how the newspaper now has 184 trained mobile journalists, one year on since it started experimenting

Posted by Caroline Scott on 17/10/17

Tip: Check out these free tools for mobile audio

Recording and sharing on the go? Some of these apps could help

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 16/10/17

Tackling wind and crowds on a small budget: Mobile journalism in the Falkland Islands

Paula Fowmes, station manager, Falkland Islands Television, tells us how smartphones have helped one of the smallest national television stations produce content for TV and social media

Posted by Caroline Scott on 25/09/17

How to record and edit videos on your iPhone with Videon

The iOS app enables on-the-go journalists to capture and edit news packages using a simple workflow

Posted by Caroline Scott on 18/09/17

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