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Since Facebook and Twitter introduced autoplay for their newsfeeds, publishers have tried to crack the code for social video that can grab viewers' attention even when they're watching with the sound off.

One of the most successful models is that of AJ+, who reaches 135 million people weekly on social platforms. In 2015 alone, the less than two-years-old outlet generated a whopping 2.2 billion video views on Facebook.

But making this type of videos doesn't have to require a big team of producers and motion graphics designers.

Here are five apps that can help you add subtitles and graphics to your social media packages on-the-go.


With Gravie, you can only import video footage from your camera roll. The app will then prompt you to select from a list of preset templates, which include transition effects and text formatting.

Each element from a template, such as text, clip arts or music, can be fully customised.

To insert text or graphics at a certain point in the video, tap and hold the 'play' button until you reach your chosen scene.

When you're done, the 'share' button in the top right-hand corner lets you preview your video, save to camera roll and post on Facebook or YouTube.

Cost: £1.49 Device: iOS

Title Master

As opposed to Gravie, Title Master also lets you film video within the app, as well as import it.

It doesn't come with templates, but you can personalise any text and stickers added. A special effects feature is also available, with a number of animation options such as scale and fade or slide.

The app has a handy feature for easily duplicating your text or graphics after the custom transitions or colours are applied, to save time if you want to keep a constant style throughout the video.

Title Master also has sharing options for Facebook and Youtube, as well as saving to your device.

Cost: £1.49 Devices: iOS


Vont is another app where footage can only be imported from your device. Once you've selected your video, you can then crop a selection and tap to add text. The app supports square video if you are creating footage for Instagram or Facebook.

You can change the font from a drop-down list, add symbols or emojis and change the colour and style options of your text.

A limited number of transitions are also available, such as slide, zoom in or fade – you can establish the duration of each transition by typing in the time you want it to start and finish.

The app offers three exporting options, including HD and full HD, and you can save the video or select 'open in other apps' to upload to social media.

You can also upgrade to the pro version of Vont for £1.49. If you would like to purchase the complete font pack or remove ads within the app, those options also cost £1.49 individually.

A very similar app developed by the same company, Phonto, is available for Android devices.

Cost: Free Devices: iOS

Text on Video

Text on Video, as the name says, only allows you to add text to your footage.

The app lets you change font, colour and animation, but also fine tune your subtitles by tweaking the alignment and line spacing, as well as the width of the frame in which it is displayed.

Other useful features include adjusting the volume of music added or of the original sound of your video, which can be useful if you're using footage recorded in a loud space or want to get rid of annoying background noise.

Text on Video will add a watermark to your videos in the bottom right corner unless you upgrade to one of the paid-for versions of the app, which also include more fonts, for £1.49.

Sharing options include saving to camera roll, email and uploading to Instagram.

Cost: Free Devices: iOS


In this app, video can be imported from your device or filmed within the app, and footage is displayed in a timeline.

This makes it easy to scroll through and tweak the on-screen duration of each visual element added, at a glance.

Like Text on Video, Overvideo has a number of personalisation options for subtitles, such as adjusting the opacity and size.

The app also supports other graphics and music, and includes sharing options to email and Instagram.

You can buy additional features, such as more typography styles, for £0.79 per pack and a version of the app with all features unlocked is available for £2.29.

Cost: Free Devices: iOS

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