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Credit: Image by Mark Hakansson
App of the week: iFTP Pro

Devices: iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch

Cost: £0.69

What is it? An app that enables you to file video, images and audio to your newsdesk from your iPhone

How is it of use to journalists? If you want to get video, photo, audio or text files back to your newsroom when out and about, one way to do this is by FTP (which stands for File Transfer Protocol and is away of transferring files to a server over the internet).

This app for iOS devices allows you to enter the settings of your FTP server, and then transfer files from your phone.


There is an in-built text editor and you can continue to use your phone or iPad while files are uploading (or downloading) from the FTP server.

The app also allows you to transfer files over a wifi network and has local file storage, meaning you could use your phone to store files in place of a USB stick.

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