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Live video stream platform Bambuser is currently working on a way to make it possible for news outlets to "integrate Bambuser technology" into their own apps.

Speaking to, co-founder and chief executive of Bambuser Jonas Vig said the company will be working on this functionality "more extensively over the coming months".

The aim is to enable news outlets to integrate the technology "into their existing apps".

"In that way they could engage their audience in a totally different way than before," he said, giving members of a news outlet's mobile community to "potentially be a live reporter".

"So that is something we're working [on] quite extensively right now and we're working with a couple of first customers here in the Nordic [countries] right now."

He added that there has been a demand for this sort of integration "basically since we started Bambuser but we haven't really been able to offer that until now – so that is going to be really exciting".

In September last year Bambuser and the Associated Press announced they had "cemented" a trial partnership which gave AP clients the ability to use live stream video from Bambuser, with the video platform's users given the power to signal when they authorise use of their content, with a credit, using a "share the news" tool.

Speaking to this week, Vig said the live stream video platform, and this form of mobile broadcasting, "is being used all over the world, whether it's in Syria or it's in Spain, or it's in the US or Russia".

"Citizens are basically using whatever technology they can come across to share their experience in real time."

And for news outlets this means gaining access to coverage in "areas and situations that traditional media normally don't get access to".

He added that "live video broadcasting in general is extremely transparent".

"It's probably the ultimate form of transparency and a lot of news outlets are using citizen journalists' video feeds but are also setting up their own live feeds using services such as Bambuser."

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