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Stop to consider this: 50 per cent of our everyday actions are unconscious decisions. Repeated enough, these unconscious decision form automatic behaviour, also known as habits.

That is the basis of a fresh study, Reinventing Digital Editions, launched this week (13 February 2020), by digital publishing and analytics platform Twipe. It seeks to understand how publishers can encourage their readers to form habits and keep coming back for more content.

This has never been more important as this year publishers are placing more emphasis on reader revenue, like memberships and subscriptions than digital advertising revenue. But if they want a reader to take up and continue with their membership, habits are key.

How do we form habits and what breaks them? In this week's podcast Twipe founder and CEO Danny Lein and head of business development Dana Nastase discuss key lessons from how news publishers like The Times, Le Monde and DuMont are all tailoring their digital products for creating reader habits.

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