This article was produced in partnership with Wakelet.

It’s not uncommon for journalists to use Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to share their most-recent work, but the sheer volume of information available online means that posts can get lost in never-ending newsfeeds and search engines.

Wakelet helps journalists showcase their work all in one place, with the ability to organise articles, social posts, blogs, podcasts, and videos into categories for easy viewing. You have full flexibility over the way you display your content, and it can be changed, updated or modified at any time.

The free tool asks users to simply copy and paste the URL of a published piece of content into the platform, creating a tidy hyperlinked thumbnail. If you're short on time, Wakelet's Chrome extension lets you add your content without even leaving the page you're on.

Articles can then be categorised into collections and stories called 'wakes'. You can organise your work however you like, for example by publication, topic, multimedia format or date – useful for freelance journalists who wish to showcase their portfolio when applying for work, or for reporters who want to keep their audiences updated.

Simply add items to your Wake by inserting a URL into your account

Wakelet also has an iOS and Android app, allowing people to create wakes on the go. If, for example, you're covering an event out in the field, you can save those tweets, articles, photos or videos and share them to your network in a matter of minutes.

"Journalists tend to know exactly where all their work is, but publications and potential employers often don't," said Misbah Gedal of Wakelet.

"Our platform lets journalists take this work and organise it any way they want – meaning they can send their entire portfolio using just one link. We want people to be able to showcase their best work in a way that works best for them."

Gedal explained that wakes can also be made personal to each user by adding a cover image, background image, and changing the layout to suit the content. You can also add notes to help contextualise your stories and offer background on your articles.

"We're all about content curation at Wakelet, so it’s exciting to see more and more journalists using the platform every day. We think that Wakelet can really help give them an edge when it comes to engaging their audience, and securing new work."

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