There's something for everyone in the podcasting world. Whether you want daily news updates, comedy sketches, fictional or non-fictional storytelling, talk shows, political analysis or even round-ups of popular radio shows, there is plenty to entertain and inform you in your free time.

Those looking for in-depth analysis on the media industry will not be disappointed, as there are a wide range of options out there to help probe your interest in how the digital journalism world is impacting society and the way we work.

Here's our list of podcasts you should be listening to this year. It's not exhaustive, so let us know if you have any other podcasts for journalists that have you hooked, by tweeting us @journalismnews.

1. On The Media

This podcast from New York's WNYC Studios looks at current news events from a journalist's perspective, aiming to dig into topics of concern to reporters.

Talking points from hosts Brooke Gladstone and Bob Garfield vary from threats to the freedom of information and expression, to how the media should be better covering issues such as terrorism or taxes.

In its most recent episode, On The Media looks at major news networks' mistaken coverage of a purported Wikileaks scoop, and the ethics of doxxing.

2. The Tip Off

Now on its second series, The Tip Off takes listeners behind the scenes of investigative journalism in the UK, giving audiences an insight into the stories behind some of Britain's top scoops.

Each episode focuses on a different story, speaking to investigative journalists who explain the twists and turns, dead ends and tip-offs that landed them their biggest scoops.

Hosted by journalist Maeve McClenaghan, it aims to show the complexities behind producing serious journalism in the public interest, while letting reporters see what goes into the stories that can take years to investigate.

3. The Kicker

Columbia Journalism Review's The Kicker describes itself as a podcast about 'all things journalism and media'. Hosts Meg Dalton and Pete Vernon interview reporters who have produced interesting features and projects, and speak to influential people about their careers and publications.

Recent episodes include a chat with New Yorker fiction editor Deborah Treisman about how a short story, 'Cat Person' by Kristen Roupenian, went viral, and the future of audio storytelling from the Third Coast International Audio Festival.

4. The Digiday Podcast

This podcast, hosted by Digiday's editor-in-chief Brian Morrissey, features interviews with industry leaders from news organisations about topics of current interest in the industry, from making data-informed decisions in the newsroom to how publishers are trying to fend off competition and stand out in the digital world.

Each episode comes in at 30 minutes and by publishing short write-ups of these episodes online, The Digiday Podcast aims to make it manageable for listeners to keep up-to-date with journalism trends and challenges. Also check out Digiday Live, an audio compilation of the best sessions from the 18 summits the publisher put on last year.

5. It’s All Journalism

It’s All Journalism, produced in partnership with the Association of Alternative Newsmedia, discusses the changing state of digital media.

Each week, producers Michael O'Connell and Nicole Ogrysko interview working journalists about how they do their jobs, looking at individual roles and at larger areas within the industry, such as podcasting and solutions journalism.

Guests include academics, reporters, authors, and other media professionals, in the studio or on location, and although pre-recorded, the whole piece is a fluent conversation between the hosts and guests.

6. Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

Rather than a structured, pre-recorded podcast with fancy sound effects and background music, the fortnightly Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism podcast simply provides audiences with un-edited panel discussions and talks from various conferences and events, including the Business and Practice of Journalism seminar series.

Here, the invited speakers present and lead discussion in a series of seminars during term-time at Green Templeton College at Oxford University.

Amongst others, discussion topics have included: 'Broadcasting in the age of Brexit and Trump', 'Under pressure: the global decline in media freedom' and 'Producing news videos that young people care about'.

7. The BBC Academy Podcast

The BBC Academy Podcast labels itself as 'your guide to everything from craft skills, to taking your next step in the industry', aimed at those within, or aspiring to enter, the broadcast production, journalism and technology communities.

Hosted by Charles Miller, the episodes range from going behind-the-scenes at the Archers and the future of VR and 360-degree video, to the importance of coding and data journalism.

Miller interviews people in the studio and at events, giving audiences 20 minutes of entertaining yet informative content.

8. The Media Show

Since its launch in 2008, BBC Radio 4's The Media Show has aimed to provide listeners with an analysis of the media’s impact and its relationship with business, politics and society.

Presenter Amol Rajan interviews a wide array of journalists and professionals to analyse the latest stories and trends around the world.

Previous episodes have focused on how the BBC should respond to the popularity of hyper-partisan news, and a look into how and if the media could have exposed Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein earlier.

9. Mobile Journalism Show

This podcast, hosted by Mark Egan, delves into how we can create professional-level videos, audio and social media content using the smartphone in our pocket.

Egan interviews journalists, app developers, marketers and tech experts, to not only find out how content can be created, but also how mobile audiences are consuming footage made for mobile.

Previous episodes have included how mojo technology can help interviewees feel more at ease, the battle between Android and Apple devices, and how social platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram can help journalists engage wider audiences out in the field.

10. The Storyful Podcast

The Storyful Podcast aims to address issues around the journalism industry itself, while analysing news coverage in the 21st century.

Presented by Della Kilroy, the podcast has recently looked at whether trust in the news can be repaired in the fake news era, how journalists are reporting weather events in the digital age, and the future of mobile journalism.

11. Media Voices

Media Voices is a 30 minute weekly podcast that interviews 'a leading light from leading media organisations across the world'.

Presenters Chris Sutcliffe, Esther Kezia Thorpe and Peter Houston provide a witty, chatty sound, discussing the latest events and news between themselves before heading into the key subject of the podcast – topics have ranged from the tragedy of platform dependency to putting together a great media conference.

The show grew out of The Media Briefing podcast that ran from November 2016 to June 2017.


And finally, a list about journalism podcasts wouldn't be complete without our weekly offering, where we take a deeper look into the latest tools, trends and techniques in digital journalism.

Each episode stands individually, and can focus on anything from a detailed behind-the-scenes look at a specific digital project, to a discussion on an issue affecting the profession.

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