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News360, a personalised social newsreader app, has been redesigned and relaunched for Android smartphone.

The free app serves up news stories to users based on their social feeds and interests. For news outlets it provides another platform where new readers can discover content.

News360 improves with use, with personalisation enhanced the more a user reads, shares and 'likes' articles.

News360 "re-imagined" and relaunched its app for iPad in July, followed by the iPhone app and then late last year reissued its Android tablet app.

Roman Karachinsky, chief executive of News360, told that this release for Android "marks the last in the series of rollouts of our new personalisation technology, bringing a brand new interface completely rewritten to take advantage of the latest and greatest Android features".

He added: "We've probably spent the longest amount of time on this specific release simply because we wanted to make sure it was amazing."

News360 Android

So what is next for News360? Karachinsky said that they are working on "some really exciting things in the publisher relationships and monetisation space".

News360 launched a beta publisher programme in September, initially partnering with around 30 publishers, and has ambitions to help drive revenue to news outlets.

Karachinsky said they are now running monetisation pilots "to use the personalisation engine of News360 to take advertising and promoted content and distribute it exactly to the people who are most likely to engage with it".

"Instead of using the regular mobile advertising solutions or doing brand adverting, we are actually trying to take content that all of these big brands are producing and channel it to the people who are not yet engaged with it and who are the most likely customers for the brand."

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