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What is it? Trends24 shows you the top trending topics on Twitter worldwide or in certain countries or cities, which you can view as hourly lists or trend clouds.

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How is it of use to journalists? Monitoring social media is now part of most journalists' jobs to a certain extent, and sometimes even the single most important task during a journalist's shift.

There is no shortage of tools available to help you monitor social networks and search based on keywords, hashtags, or locations, and their cost varies.

We have written about a number of them on in the past.

Trends24 lists the top trending topics on Twitter every hour, and displays this information in lists that can be accessed on a per country or per city basis, as well as providing a worldwide version of the lists.

You can change the location of the lists displayed by using the menu in the top left-hand corner of the page. Clicking on each trending topic takes you to the respective Twitter page, so you can see the associated posts and accounts.

Monitor a trend's position in the top, and see when it first started trending.

Trends24 was recommended in a journalism tools round-up published by, the social media news service, before it was shuttered by its parent company due to lack of funding.

The tool allows journalists to check which hashtags are trending in certain parts of the world and keep an eye on emerging trends, as well as offering a look back over the previous 24 hours that can be difficult to verify using Twitter alone.

The dashboard's functional layout displays the trending topics without any bells and whistles, although advertising is present in between the columns at times.

Not every country and large city in the world is monitored either, but for those that are, Trends24 offers a good snapshot of the conversations keeping Twitter users busy at any given time.

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