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Brexit: It is less than two weeks until Britain is supposed to leave the European Union. In the three years since the EU Referendum, the demand for quality reporting on the latest developments of Brexit has grown not just in the UK, but abroad too.

Reporters from Le Monde, the New York Times and Die Welt explained how they have satisfied this hunger, despite being hampered by lacklustre reporting from the British Press. Read more

Digital strategy: A new report by the International Center for Journalists has found that newsrooms have been making greater use of tools to overcome key challenges around misinformation and digital security.

Despite this, there remains a lack of tech specialists in newsrooms and flat growth in digital-only startups. It puts the onus on newsrooms to think about mixing traditional and digital approaches. Read more

Local journalism: The Facebook Community News Project, in partnership with the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ), has helped form 83 new reporter roles across the UK in support of local newsrooms.

Will Gore, head of partnerships and projects at the NCTJ, reflects on the mission and meaning of the local journalism scheme one year on from its launch. Read more

Podcasts: When it is not possible to speak to your podcast interviewee face-to-face, what do you do? Workarounds like recording a phone call or arranging for your interviewee to record where they are can often mean dropping sound quality.

Zencastr is a voice chat platform that can record multiple guests' audio through their device's microphones. In our video explainer, we walk through inviting guests, ensuring a strong connection and making the most of the tool's features. Read more

Advice: When you are new to an area or short of contacts, finding stories can prove challenging. This was a hurdle MyLondon first faced when it launched almost a year ago. It has since built a reputation for local scoops and public tip-offs.

In this week's podcast, social media editor Sian Elvin and reporter Charlie Jones reflect on their early days with the title, offering advice on what it takes to develop a beat in your local patch. Listen now

Private messaging apps: The growth of encrypted messaging apps for news content poses threats for news organisations, as they will lack data of what is being read and shared by their audience.

However, with those challenges are also a number of opportunities to innovate through audio briefings, private messaging groups and journalism-themed stickers to share content. Read more

Newsletters: Business news publisher Bloomberg has created a tailor-made newsletter series to provide career development content for Generation Z and millennial jobseekers.

Work Wise, which personalised newsletters to users with surveys and quizzes, resulted in a click-through rate four times greater than the website average and 65 per cent new subscribers. Read more

Media diet: Over the last few years, our relationship to news has been similar to junk food; too fast, too rich and mostly not good for you.

After realising the media are spending too long covering petty stories and sidelining coverage of crucial issues like, the climate emergency, Anne-Sophie Novel has explored new ways of news coverage to try and rebuild trust with audiences. Read more

Newsrewired: With our Newsrewired conference only a month away, we spoke to Hazel Baker, global head of user-generated content at Reuters, about the challenges posed by misinformation during breaking news events and the emergence of deepfakes.

Baker directs a team of reporters dedicated to sourcing and verifying user-generated content for clients. As part of her research, Reuters created their own deepfakes to 'better understand the enemy' and how to best to face the threat it poses.

She will be going into more detail about this experiment and how quality journalism can thrive in an age of disinformation at Newsrewired. Read more

Newsrewired takes place on the 27 November at Reuters in London. Head to newsrewired.com for the full agenda and tickets.

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