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Report: Best practices for launching digital editions from eight European publishers

The research from Twipe identified the challenges and advantages of crafting digital-only editions, based on the approach of publishers including Le Monde, Die Welt and The Economist

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 19/04/18

The Guardian Mobile Innovation Lab is working to elevate podcasts with a new player for the mobile web

'We wanted to find out where the opportunity is for people to engage with podcasts and where they would actually prefer to just have the audio by itself'

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 16/03/18

How publishers can tell better stories for mobile audiences

Insights into mobile storytelling from our latest newsrewired conference

Posted by Caroline Scott on 01/12/17

Tip: Check out this toolkit for shooting 360-degree video on mobile

Some of this equipment might come in handy if you're looking to experiment with 360-degree video in the field

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 23/10/17

Media's focus on technology tends to be short-term, shows survey

The Future Today Institute looked at news organisations' attitudes and actions towards the impact of technology on media in the near and distant future

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 16/10/17

Throwback Thursday: Fake news troubles and data viz experiments

From the archives: What were media types discussing nine years ago and how does it compare to industry conversations today?

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 10/08/17

Quartz is exploring personalisation for its chatty news app

After launching the app on Android this month, the team is exploring new features for a second version. Push news editor Adam Pasick explains

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 21/12/16

5 trends to watch in mobile-first news

As mobile audiences continue to grow, keep an eye on these five trends emerging from research by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

Posted by Alli Shultes on 21/07/16

App for journalists: Signal, for securely communicating with sources

Check out this encrypted instant messaging and voice calling app for Android and iOS

Posted by Caroline Scott on 15/07/16

Politico Europe experiments with Apple Wallet to send push alerts about #EUref

The EU Referendum Tracker launched in beta today, delivering live polling data and breaking news alerts

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 16/06/16

Around two thirds of Independent's UK readers access it only from mobile

More than 50 per cent of the total national audience at five UK newspapers is mobile-only, a growing percentage

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 24/02/16

'There will always be room to learn, to experiment, and to grow' – Q&A with BuzzFeed's Brianne O'Brien

Brianne O'Brien, BuzzFeed News mobile editor, explains what skills are needed in her role, and how it is important to 'make gigantic wonderful mistakes'

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 25/01/16

The trends that shaped digital media in 2015 and what they could mean for news outlets in the next year

This podcast takes a look back at 2015 to identify the technology and movements that have made an impact on news outlets this year, and explore where they could lead to in the next twelve months

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 14/12/15

How The Washington Post’s print values influence its digital apps

Chris Meighan, design director for emerging news products, outlines the key visual elements that make up the Post's digital presence

Posted by Alli Shultes on 02/12/15

NRS: More than half of Telegraph's national readership is mobile-only

The Telegraph is the latest outlet to record a majority mobile-only audience, according to the latest NRS report published today

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 25/11/15

NRS: Most of national audience now mobile-only at 4 UK newspapers

The Guardian and the Express pass this milestone for the first time, while the Mirror and the Independent continue to grow their mobile-only audience past a 50 per cent share of the total

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 26/08/15

Over half of Mirror and Indy UK audience is mobile-only

The Daily Mirror also has the highest number of mobile-only readers in the UK, according to new figures from the the National Readership Survey PADD Mobile report

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 03/06/15

How Quartz strives to be an 'ever-evolving' platform

The platform's latest upgrades focus on mobile news consumption and intuitive navigation

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 02/06/15

News on the move: What do audiences want from mobile?

Getting mobile content right can be a challenge, so what formats are Bloomberg and the BBC looking at?

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 22/05/15

Getting personal: Push alerts in news

Push notifications are the most direct way to reach an audience, but what's the best way to do it? The latest podcast addresses the issues in the context of apps, WhatsApp and smartwatches

Posted by Alastair Reid on 15/05/15

5 formats BBC uses in the 'hunt for new audiences'

Social media editor Chris Hamilton outlines five BBC formats and projects focused on social and mobile, and explains why they were set up

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 15/05/15

Vertical video: Time for an 'awkward transition'?

After years of being dismissed by broadcasters and having 'public service announcements' made against it, vertical video is becoming harder to ignore

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 30/04/15

Key points from Pew's State of the News Media report

Mobile traffic and podcast audiences are up, but desktop visitors still spend longest on-site, according to Pew's annual report

Posted by Abigail Edge on 29/04/15

3 things media outlets should know about smartwatches

A new platform for news has arrived – but what should publishers keep in mind before sending that first push notification?

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 24/04/15

Tip: Learn how to stay secure on public Wi-Fi

Online security should extend to mobile devices as well as your laptop or home computer

Posted by Alastair Reid on 25/03/15

5 startup apps for journalists from SXSW Accelerator

These ideas from the SXSW startup competition have the potential to be on every journalist's mobile device

Posted by Jack Shepherd on 17/03/15

Watch: Mobile tips from the BBC, BuzzFeed, Al Jazeera

Speakers from last week's Online News Association event in London give their advice for working to mobile

Posted by Alastair Reid on 13/03/15

'You are not your audience': 5 tips for mobile video

As mobile audiences continue to grow, what are the dos and don'ts of producing videos that people actually want to watch on the move?

Posted by Alastair Reid on 10/03/15

Making the most of mobile: advice from experts at #ONALondon

Experts from the Guardian, BuzzFeed, the BBC and USA Today shared their thoughts and ideas on mobile best practice at the Online News Association event in London

Posted by Alastair Reid on 06/03/15

New NRS figures show mobile focus bearing fruit at Mirror

The Mirror has the biggest mobile readership as a share of net UK audience and a total audience second only to the Daily Mail, according to the latest NRS PADD

Posted by Alastair Reid on 25/02/15

Should news organisations still bother making an app?

Social and mobile have come to dominate how the audience find their news, so is an app still relevant?

Posted by Alastair Reid on 02/02/15

The year of engagement: Looking back at 2014

In our final podcast of 2014, we discuss the big digital media trends from the past year and what they have meant for news organisations

Posted by Alastair Reid on 19/12/14

NRS: Indy had highest share of UK audience from mobile in Sept

New figures from the National Readership Survey show 4.7 million people in the UK visited the Independent site from mobile devices in September, almost half its total audience

Posted by Alastair Reid on 26/11/14

How Aftonbladet reaches 20% of Sweden on mobile

By focussing on audience behaviours and preferences on smartphones, the Swedish daily has put mobile at the core of the newsroom

Posted by Alastair Reid on 15/10/14

AOP: spotlight on mobile for majority of publishers

Nine in ten publishers are looking to design responsive websites that work across a variety of devices, reveals research by the Association of Online Publishers

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 09/10/14

Sky News aiming to be 'multiplatform broadcaster'

The broadcaster's new responsive website aims to real-time reporting on a range of devices, with a liveblog integrating digital and television

Posted by Alastair Reid on 01/10/14

NRS: Mail has largest UK mobile-only audience in June

In the first report including mobile data from the National Readership Survey, the Mail has the largest mobile-only readership but The Independent has the largest proportion of mobile readers

Posted by Alastair Reid on 19/09/14

iPhone 6 'making the big screen the norm' for mobile publishing

Publishers told to think big and look to the future of mobile devices at launch of National Readership Survey's new mobile data report

Posted by Alastair Reid on 17/09/14

How Radar sources report from deep inside the Ebola crisis

Using their new, custom-built and encrypted editorial hub, Radar receive SMS reports from citizen reporters in remote regions to share with the world

Posted by Alastair Reid on 15/09/14

The 'guiding principles' of Quartz redesign

Removing clutter, focusing on mobile and committing to quality journalism remain the core ideas behind the business news site, even as it appears to go back on a founding concept

Posted by Alastair Reid on 27/08/14

Why BuzzFeed is expanding with new Distributed division

BuzzFeed plans to expand in the social web and build an audience in a space where content and social networking meet

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 14/08/14

Lessons in creating a buzz on social media from BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed UK editor Luke Lewis shared his tips and advice for effective use of social networks as part of news:rewired last week

Posted by Drew Sleep on 30/07/14

BBC launches Facebook-first news service in Thailand

Using the Facebook Notes feature as a CMS, World Service journalists hope to provide news 'without fear or favour' to a population in political turmoil

Posted by Alastair Reid on 11/07/14

Announcing WSJ's mobile editor David Ho as news:rewired keynote

David Ho, editor for mobile, tablets and emerging technology at The Wall Street Journal, will also lead a workshop later in the day on helpful mobile tools and apps

Posted by on 11/06/14

As it happened: Live Q&A on mobile reporting

A panel of three mobile reporting experts took part in our live Q&A sharing tips and advice on how to create and share content on your mobile device

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 06/06/14

Developments in digital thinking at CNBC International

Following a visit behind-the-scenes at CNBC International, we discuss recent changes and evolutions in digital at the outlet

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 02/06/14

A whistle-stop tour of the new Guardian app

The Guardian's new app for iOS and Android allows users to personalise their homepage and directly submit user-generated content

Posted by Abigail Edge on 29/05/14

Advertorial: Scoopshot makes smartphone users part of the newsgathering process

Growing numbers of media outlets and international brands purchase user-generated content

Posted by Scoopshot on 22/05/14

8 styles of online video at BBC News

Speaking at the Digital Media Europe, BBC News Online editor Steve Herrmann shared seven different ways of presenting online video that have worked for the broadcaster

Posted by Alastair Reid on 08/04/14

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