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What is it? ProCamera is a photo and video editing studio for your mobile device. 



How is it of use to journalists? ProCamera can be a helpful tool when taking photographs and video on the move, giving reporters a range of customisable features that go beyond the basic camera options available on a mobile device.

Aiming to mirror some specific DSLR functions, the app allows users to control aspects such as exposure time, ISO sensitivity, white balance, tint and stabilisation, which can be altered using the visual sliders on screen.

Cocologics, the company behind the app, have created a detailed control panel, which allows users to pick from a variety of display options, such as grids, ratios, a tilt meter, and a light reader – all of which can make life easier for mobile journalists on-the-go. 

Additionally, ProCamera gives users the choice of four pre-set camera options – a video camera, the regular phone camera, night time camera or a HDR camera (HDR is available as an in-app purchase and is currently on sale for  £0.79 for a limited time).

ProCamera 2
Image courtesy of Cocologics

ProCamera also includes a video mode, where you can set the video quality (up to 4K video on the latest iPhone model), as well as the frame rate.

One of the most appealing aspects of the app is its zooming capabilities, allowing users to extend the camera zoom by six times.

For those worried about using the camera hand-held, the app has implemented an anti-shake feature for stabilising shots. 

Once footage has been taken, it can be shared directly to social media accounts from the app. 

ProCamera also enables users to fine-tune older images with numerous filters and editing tools, but this option is not currently available for videos.

Image courtesy of Cocologics

As the app's Photo Compass feature is integrated with the iPhone's geolocation data, users can keep track of where pictures on their device were captured, a feature useful for verification purposes. 

Users who own an Apple Watch will also be able to control ProCamera remotely, which could come in handy when capturing a series of photos using the ProTimer feature. 

With this option, users can adjust the total number of photos the app takes, the delay before the first image is taken, and the pause between consecutive photos.

If you are looking for a free alternative to start out with, try EyeEm, a basic photo editor for experimenting with tools and filters to enhance image quality both before and after taking a picture.

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