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How do you set up alerts for user-generated content, and how can you verify what you find on social media? How can you create engaging videos without breaking the bank? And how can you work with an online community to build loyalty and participation?

Whether you need to brush up on some essential knowledge, such as online media law or using analytics, or you want to develop your video storytelling skills or learn how to find stories in data,’s course catalogue for the next year should come in handy. New year, new skills.

We work with expert trainers we encounter in our day-to-day editorial work, where we interview key players in digital media about their expertise and learnings from working in some of the UK’s largest media organisations.

Here’s what we have planned for next year:


Mobile storytelling workshop – 26 January, London
Learn how to make the most of your smartphone for content production with this practical bootcamp.

Digital storytelling: How brands can power imaginative content – 30 January, London
Find out how to position your brand as a powerful content creator. Learn from one of Britain's top brand creatives.


Introduction to podcasting – 2 February, London
Learn how to get your first podcast off the ground with this practical workshop.

Video storytelling: How to create powerful and imaginative video editorial – 9 February, London
Learn how to tell effective video stories from one of Britain's top creatives.

Finding stories in data: Intermediate Excel skills for digging deeper – 9 February, London
Learn powerful spreadsheet analysis skills for everyday data-driven reporting.

Audience engagement and managing communities – 9 February, London
Learn how to engage readers online and how to build an interested audience into an active community.

Sourcing and handling user-generated content – 17 February, London
Learn how to work with eyewitness media quickly and reliably.

Writing for social media – 20 February, Brighton
Evening course: Learn how audiences differ across social platforms and how best to tailor your writing to them.

Social media content strategies – 24 February, London
One-day course: Discover what makes people click and share, plus what, when and where to post on social media.

On 8 February, you can also join us for short practical workshops and panels about digital journalism trends and techniques at our newsrewired conference in London.


Copywriting for freelance journalists – 7 March, London
A course for freelancers interested in commercial copywriting, that will highlight the key differences between writing journalistic copy and writing commercial copy.

Online media law refresher – 24 March, London
Get up-to-date with the latest developments in digital media law on this one-day course, also suitable for those with no previous legal training.

Mastering social media: from Twitter to Instagram – 27 March, Brighton
Evening course: Learn practical tips for using social media such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.


Search engine optimisation for journalists – 3 April, London
Get the latest SEO advice for journalists and editors in this one-day workshop.

Analytics for journalists: Measuring success with metrics – 10 April, London
This one-day course is designed to expand your understanding of using analytics to develop ideas and stories.


SEO essentials – 3 May, Brighton
Evening course: A Brighton workshop covering the key areas of search engine optimisation.

Analytics essentials – 24 May, Brighton
Evening course: A practical workshop designed to teach you how to use metrics to both measure your success and improve your content.


We also run online courses, with flexible start dates:

If you'd like to book a tailored, in-house workshop for your team, please contact Oliver Kingston.

For any questions about our open training, or if you'd like to suggest workshops and work with us as a trainer, please contact Carrie Ellis.

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