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Becoming a music journalist is a dream job for many writers, but it is not all free gigs and endless bar tabs.

In such a competitive industry, how can you get your foot in door, spot new talent before anyone else, and – importantly – still earn enough to pay the bills? hosted a live Q&A on getting into music journalism, where three key people in the industry came online to answer questions and share their experiences.

On the panel is:

This live Q&A is part of a series that are running on various topics. You can view previous live Q&A's from below:

This live Q&A is sponsored by DyNaMik Records

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Promotion and distribution: promotion is handled by both in-house and outsourced professional PR companies. DyNaMik’s distributors now include Universal.

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Visual branding/image consultation: DyNaMik work with you to build your brand identity to create and develop your image as required.

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Music licensing: DyNaMik/Ikonic now offer a licensing platform. DyNaMik are also members of Deejay Worx the best MP3 promotion in the world.

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