How does crowdfunding journalism affect reader relationships?

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As crowdfunding becomes a more common method of funding, both for individual journalism projects and for independent media organisations, how does being paid directly by the audience affect the way reporters go about their work?

At record-setting crowdfunded media outlet De Correspondent, journalists work together with members to add more depth to stories.

But how does this relate to their funding, and do others think crowdfunding leads to a closer relationship with the audience?

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Journalism jobs abroad: Where is hiring and how to do it

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Man watching TVs

Local TV – the challenges and opportunities of UK channels

Many local TV channels have been springing up around the country since last November, but does local TV represent an exciting new era for journalism, or is it a missed opportunity?

How to make the most from your journalism course

In this week's podcast, journalism academics offer advice on how students journalists can stand out from their peers during and after university

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3 different approaches to wearables in news

In this podcast we hear about some of the apps news outlets have already built for smart watches and Google Glass, and how news consumption on wearable devices could work in the future

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Social audio tips from the Next Radio Conference

Recorded at the Next Radio Conference, this podcast features advice from SoundCloud for creating shareable audio, and two major broadcasters give an insight into their social strategy

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Sound archives - two projects bringing new life to old audio

All over the world, broadcasters are sitting on a wealth of old sound material - but how do you make it searchable and available?

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Social content - getting your material liked and shared

What content works well on social media? What motivates people to share? In this week's podcast we look at how publishers are tapping into people's emotions and engaging online audiences in new ways.

Posted by Paul McNally on 29/08/14

What are the risks of vicarious trauma among journalists?

Viewing graphic images and footage is an increasing part of the job for many journalists, but what effect can this have and what can we do about it?

Posted by Alastair Reid on 22/08/14

How constructive journalism can offer a more positive approach to news

Bad news might sell, some say, but constructive journalism aims to discuss proposed solutions to a problem

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 15/08/14

Challenges and opportunities in personalised speech radio

After Flipboard for text and Spotify and Pandora for music, it's the turn of public radio to embrace personalisation.

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Google and the 'right to be forgotten'

What does the recent ruling allowing people to request the removal of stories from Google search results mean? Does it matter? And how are online publishers responding to it?

Posted by Paul McNally on 18/07/14

How to make audio formats more socially shareable

Case studies and tips in producing audio content to generate shares and discussion on social networks, from three people currently experimenting in this field

Posted by Abigail Edge on 13/06/14

How NPR is innovating with social, visual and digital products

A look at digital strategy at National Public Radio, and the challenges and strategies being employed around visual content, social media and digital products

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The death of the homepage, or another evolution?

Figures detailing the decline in homepage traffic to the NYTimes.com sparked a new debate about the relevance of homepages in the age of social media, but is it really that bad?

Posted by Alastair Reid on 30/05/14

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