What are the key digital skills for those entering journalism?


As well as the fundamental, and more traditional skills, expected of any journalist, many editors today may also look for some level of digital literacy and evidence of online engagement skills from job applicants.

So in this week's podcast we speak to online and digital editors, directors and executive producers at national and regional titles, in broadcast, online-only and b2b environments, to find out what they would expect, and be impressed by, from those just starting out.

We hear from:

  • Alison Gow, editor, digital content innovation team, Trinity Mirror Regionals
  • Cate Sevilla, homepage editor, BuzzFeed UK
  • John Barnes, managing director for digital and technology, Incisive Media
  • Anna Doble, head of online, Channel 4 News
  • Jon DiPaulo, executive producer, SkyNews.com

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