Tips for journalists

Tip: Master the art of vox pops

Grabbing soundbites from strangers on the street can be unnerving. Here are all the essential steps to interviewing members of the public

Posted by Emily Redman on 27/10/20

Tip: Four mental health strategies for student newsrooms

Journalists of all levels of experience can be personally affected by the stories they cover. These steps are tailor-made for supporting inexperienced reporters

Posted by Cameron Brooks on 15/10/20

Tip: Make the most of your work experience

Placements and internships are crucial for aspiring journalists to learn the trade. Here are ten tips on how to impress once inside the newsroom

Posted by Cameron Brooks on 14/10/20

Tip: How to recognise misinformation online

Avoid getting caught up in a string of lies on the web. Here are ten tips to tell facts and fiction apart

Posted by Cameron Brooks on 13/10/20

Tip: How to pass the 100wpm shorthand exam

Studying for the shorthand exam can be the bane of many young journalists' studies. Here are nine steps to increase your speed

Posted by Cameron Brooks on 12/10/20

Tip: Ten steps to becoming a brilliant newsroom leader

“Truly great leaders are rare, but decent leadership and management is a craft that can be learned and taught”. Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism offers advice on managing teams  

Posted by Sandra Stoica on 01/10/20

Tip: A complete guide to data visualisation

Charts and illustrations can help your story come to life. Here is all you need to know about being visually engaging with data

Posted by Sandra Stoica on 30/09/20

Tip: Transform your newsletter strategy

For many local media companies, email is still an undervalued resource. Bookmark these five tips from Dan Oshinsky to reconnect with your audiences

Posted by Sandra Stoica on 29/09/20

Tip: Five steps to become a mobile journalism wizard

Your smartphone can be a handy tool for your everyday reporting, but it can be tough to perfect. PressPad provides takeaways from its mojo masterclass

Posted by James Gray on 22/09/20

Tip: Five steps to creating a successful news app

Looking to help your loyal readers access your content on their smartphone? Follow these tips from The Telegraph that has recently launched its updated digital edition app

Posted by James Gray on 21/09/20

Tip: A beginner’s guide to creating a successful newsletter

Wondering how to define your mission or curate content? Media Voices shares seven lessons learned from launching its daily newsletter

Posted by James Gray on 18/09/20

Tip: Five questions that can bridge polarising conversations

In your next interview, why not try asking: "For those who disagree with you, what would you like them to understand about you?"

Posted by James Gray on 17/09/20

Tip: How to keep safe when reporting on wildfires

Do you occasionally cover forest fires? If so, pay attention to this expert advice to minimise risks to your safety

Posted by James Gray on 16/09/20

Tip: How to write accurate science article from research press releases

Checking your facts and sources is not rocket science. Follow these tips to get your reporting straight when working with wire services

Posted by James Gray on 15/09/20

Tip: How to respond to negative comments on social media

Whether you are managing readers' complaints or your organisation's social strategy, here is how to handle conflicts with keyboard warriors

Posted by Sandra Stoica on 03/09/20

Tip: How to find data sources for your investigations

When you struggle to unearth reliable data, these six hacks from two Chicas Poderosas investigative journalists will supercharge your work 

Posted by Sandra Stoica on 02/09/20

Tip: Safety tips for photojournalists in the time of covid-19

Are you a photographer covering the coronavirus pandemic? Bookmark this advice from experts who documented health crises like Ebola, SARS and H1N1 flu

Posted by Sandra Stoica on 01/09/20

Tip: Become a remote interviewing pro

Talking to a source far, far away? Here is how to get the most out of your interview

Posted by Isabelle Osborne on 28/08/20

Tip: A beginner’s guide to launching a podcast

What does it take to make an engaging show? IJNet walks you through everything you need to know to get started

Posted by Isabelle Osborne on 27/08/20

Tip: Edit your videos to perfection

Bookmark these eight tips and tricks to make your videos the best they can be

Posted by Isabelle Osborne on 26/08/20

Tip: Five tips for reporting on covid-19 vaccines correctly

Help your readers make sense of the information overload surrounding coronavirus vaccines with this expert advice

Posted by Isabelle Osborne on 25/08/20

Tip: Avoid alarmist reporting on school reopenings

As students return to classrooms, journalists must ensure coverage is accurate but not distressing. Here is how to report on the subject sensibly

Posted by Isabelle Osborne on 24/08/20

Tip: Create universal links to your podcast

Having podcasts available on a number of different platforms can leave your promotional posts crammed with links. Here is how to get a universal link for everyone

Posted by Grace Braddock on 21/08/20

Tip: Make your journalism collaboration a success

To make it through the current crisis, the industry must band together. Here are five pointers on working with other newsrooms

Posted by Grace Braddock on 19/08/20

Tip: Six steps to track covid-19 World Bank funding by country

With rising concerns about the misuse of aid funding, GIJN shows you how to find out where the money is being spent and who the money is going to

Posted by Grace Braddock on 18/08/20

Tip: How to keep your social media accounts safe

Bookmark these 10 tips to protect your personal and your company's social accounts

Posted by Grace Braddock on 17/08/20

Tip: How to use climate change imagery effectively

Follow these eight evidence-based tips on engaging your audience with impactful visuals when covering environmental issues

Posted by Grace Braddock on 14/08/20

Tip: How to create perfect social video for each platform

What is the ideal length for a Twitter video or the correct dimensions for a Facebook video? Check out this guide

Posted by Grace Braddock on 13/08/20

Tip: Prepare for the world of freelancing

There is more to being a freelancer than contracts and pitching - you need to think of yourself as a business owner

Posted by Grace Braddock on 12/08/20

Tip: Nine recent studies every journalist should know about

From reporting on homelessness to building trust in news, this research round-up is an essential read for all reporters hungry to discover the latest journalistic methods and data

Posted by Grace Braddock on 11/08/20

Tip: How to report on election misinformation

From misleading claims to targeted disinformation, here is how to fight infodemic surrounding big political events

Posted by Grace Braddock on 10/08/20

Tip: Beef up your digital security while working from home

Working through the covid-19 pandemic makes us more reliant on the internet than ever. Here is how to protect your devices and data

Posted by Ellie Smitherman on 07/08/20

Tip: How to report on business if it is not your usual beat

The expected economic recession means that many reporters will be asked to cover unfamiliar topics - bookmark these tips for covering business

Posted by Ellie Smitherman on 06/08/20

Tip: Sea, sun and storytelling exercise book

From polls for remote meetings to creative card decks and new messaging apps, here are 30 tools and websites to try out this summer

Posted by Ellie Smitherman on 05/08/20

Tip: Make the most of your social media

Getting social media right is notoriously tricky but it is an important tool to engage with your audience during the pandemic. Here is a four-step plan

Posted by Ellie Smitherman on 04/08/20

Tip: What to do when your internship falls through

Journalism students have found newsroom opportunities limited in the covid-19 era. Where else can they look to hone their talents?

Posted by Ellie Smitherman on 03/08/20

Tip: How to report on online hate groups safely

Covering online hate can have some pretty scary real-world consequences, here’s some tips on how to stay safe on this beat

Posted by Ellie Smitherman on 31/07/20

Tip: How to keep your career moving after losing your job

Thousands of journalists have been laid off throughout the coronavirus pandemic - here is how they can find new inspiration and work

Posted by Ellie Smitherman on 29/07/20

Tip: How to start building your journalistic career during the covid-19 pandemic

Although many training schemes and internships are on hold, early-career journalists can kick-start their careers with these few tips

Posted by Ellie Smitherman on 28/07/20

Tip: Free resources to help your newsroom cover the coronavirus

From grants to interviews, American Press Institute shows you the best sources of support for your covid-19 content

Posted by Ellie Smitherman on 27/07/20

Tip: How to manage digital overload in the newsroom

Fact-gathering, honing your skills and being motivated are just some of the steps that can help reduce stress

Posted by Carlo Simone on 17/07/20

Tip: Instagram editor's advice on using the platform

Encouraging sharing and trying out interactive elements are just a couple of steps to up your presence and followers

Posted by Carlo Simone on 16/07/20

Tip: How to cover online social movements

Fact-checking and adding wider context are just some of the ways to effectively report on online activism

Posted by Carlo Simone on 15/07/20

Tip: Building trust for your media business during the covid-19 pandemic

Listening to your audience, providing quality information and using right platforms to reach your readers are all important steps to rebuild trust in reporting

Posted by Carlo Simone on 14/07/20

Tip: How to spot the actors behind covid-19 disinformation

GIJN has compiled six tools and six techniques to unmask those distorting information about the global pandemic

Posted by Carlo Simone on 13/07/20

Tip: Use up-to-date and reliable covid-19 data

With coronavirus cases and deaths constantly rising across the world, here is a useful source to make sure you are using the latest figures in your coverage

Posted by Daniel Green on 09/04/20

Tip: Add solutions journalism to your coronavirus coverage

Solutions Journalism Network has compiled a set of solutions-focused stories which can be republished under a Creative Commons license

Posted by Jacob Granger on 08/04/20

Tip: Producing podcasts from home

No need to compromise on podcast quality during lockdown. Duvets and socks can help get clean audio

Posted by Daniel Green on 07/04/20

Tip: Free tools and content to help you cover the covid-19 pandemic

American Press Institute rounds up some of the free tools and grant funding available to newsrooms to help with coronavirus coverage

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 06/04/20

Tip: Adapting university lessons to video conferences

UK university course leaders and lecturers reveal how they have kept students' studies going on Zoom and Microsoft Teams platforms

Posted by Jacob Granger on 03/04/20

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