Tips for journalists

Tip: Four tips to start your career during the pandemic

Newsroom veterans offer advice to early-career journalists on the job hunt

Posted by Yasmin Tenk on 21/01/21

Tip: Nine ways to boost your social media strategy

How to reach online audiences with your journalism? Follow these simple tips to making the most out of your social presence

Posted by Yasmin Tenk on 20/01/21

Tip: Five essential pieces of advice for aspiring journalists

So you want to be a reporter but you are not sure where to start with your writing? Bookmark these tips from journalists for journalists

Posted by Yasmin Tenk on 19/01/21

Tip: How to write a great music review

Music journalism is one of the toughest professions to break into. These tips will help you stand out from the crowd

Posted by Yasmin Tenk on 18/01/21

Tip: Discover your journalism beat

Crime reporting, sports journalism or community news? The possibilities are almost endless. Ignite your passion with this list of reporting styles and specialisms

Posted by Zi Wang on 15/01/21

Tip: Where to find free stock video footage

Pexels or Pixabay? Techradar rounds up the best sources of websites which provide free-to-use visuals

Posted by Zi Wang on 14/01/21

Tip: Ten legal risks journalists need to be aware of

From copyright infringement to hate speech, here is what you have to look out for as a writer

Posted by Zaynah Esat on 13/01/21

Tip: Seven storytelling angles to spruce up your data journalism

Learn how appealing visuals can capture the reader’s attention and help them dive deep into your story

Posted by Zi Wang on 12/01/21

Tip: Four steps to getting your stories published

Do you want to see your byline in a publication? Bookmark these tips for pitching and selling your ideas

Posted by Zaynah Esat on 11/01/21

Tip: How to produce high-quality podcasts during the pandemic

Pretty much anyone can now create a podcast. Here is how to make your show stand out

Posted by Freya McCoy on 08/01/21

Tip: How to build a cross-border journalism team

Working with like-minded international colleagues broadens your perspectives which leads to better stories. Check out this advice on collaborating successfully across countries and languages

Posted by Freya McCoy on 07/01/21

Tip: 12 must-have apps for mobile journalism

Download and try these essential apps for every reporter's smartphone

Posted by Freya McCoy on 06/01/21

Tip: How to report accurately on covid-19 vaccines

There are more questions then answers when it comes to science around vaccines. Here is how to find clarity in the sea of misinformation

Posted by Freya McCoy on 05/01/21

Tip: Five design tips to make your story stand out

From choice of font to colour palette, here are five ways to make your piece more engaging and visually appealing

Posted by Freya McCoy on 04/01/21

Tip: Ten tips for healthcare and medicine reporting

Take this crash course created by GIJN that helps journalists understand complex health data and accurately report on the covid-19 pandemic

Posted by Alisa Anwar on 23/12/20

Tip: Three golden rules to becoming an interviewing pro

The best approach is often the simplest. Master your interview technique with these sure-fire steps

Posted by Jacob Granger on 22/12/20

Tip: Seven mobile apps for graphic design

Sometimes a stock image just does not cut the mustard. Unleash your inner creative genius with these mobile apps and produce engaging visuals for your articles or marketing

Posted by Alisa Anwar on 18/12/20

Tip: Five ways to ace your interviews

From research to transcribing, here are five tried-and-tested techniques that will help you become a confident interviewer

Posted by Alisa Anwar on 16/12/20

Tip: Five ways to maximise audience engagement on Twitter

Most journalists use Twitter daily but there is more to the platform than simply sending out #journorequests and scrolling through your Tweetdeck

Posted by Alisa Anwar on 15/12/20

Tip: A beginner's guide to creating podcast audiograms

Struggling to gain listeners on your latest podcast episode? The Podcast Host has an easy guide on creating attention-grabbing audiograms

Posted by Alisa Anwar on 14/12/20

Tip: Produce podcasts (without it taking over your life)

No more late nights and overtime. Bookmark these seven shortcuts to get your audio shows out faster

Posted by Jacob Granger on 07/12/20

Tip: Ten common mistakes to avoid as a journalist

We are all human. Here are all the easy errors to watch out for as a reporter

Posted by Lewis Mackenzie on 20/11/20

Tip: Ten considerations when making FOI requests

Use this guide next time you are firing off an email to a public authority requesting information

Posted by Lewis Mackenzie on 19/11/20

Tip: Eight steps to write like a journalist

Use these classic techniques to craft a compelling news story

Posted by Lewis Mackenzie on 18/11/20

Tip: Top tips for speaking on camera

Struggling with your camera presence? Check out these 10 techniques for presenting like a pro

Posted by Lewis Mackenzie on 17/11/20

Tip: How to find free music for your next video

Bookmark this comprehensive online resource so you can always get that perfect soundtrack for your video package

Posted by Lewis Mackenzie on 16/11/20

Tip: How to become a broadcast journalist

Dreaming of a job shooting b-roll and recording voiceovers? The School of Journalism shares everything you need about entering broadcast journalism

Posted by Sophie Aristotelous on 13/11/20

Tip: Five iPhone apps for shooting video

Need to create television-quality content using your smartphone? Mobile journalism trainer Wytse Vellinga offers his favourite tools for the job

Posted by Sophie Aristotelous on 12/11/20

Tip: Prepare for full-time freelancing

Bookmark this first-hand advice for managing life as a freelance writer

Posted by Sophie Aristotelous on 11/11/20

Tip: Coping with the impacts of distressing and traumatic reporting

IJNet has put together a self-care guide for reporters who have been mentally affected by their journalism

Posted by Sophie Aristotelous on 10/11/20

Tip: Ten ways to investigate police misconduct

GIJN provides the essential tools and strategies to bolster your reporting on the police in your country

Posted by Sophie Aristotelous on 09/11/20

Tip: Shoot professional video content from home

Is creating video a big part of your job, personal brand or career goals? Here are six tips for setting up a home video studio

Posted by Sophie Aristotelous on 06/11/20

Tip: Make your mark on the journalism industry

Want to stand out and impress senior staff in the newsroom? Telegraph reporter Lizzy Burden offers six tips for aspiring journalists

Posted by Sophie Aristotelous on 05/11/20

Tip: Cover mental health responsibly

How we report personal subjects has a lasting impact on our readers. Journoresources spoke to three experienced journalists for their best advice on covering mental health

Posted by Sophie Aristotelous on 04/11/20

Tip: Get your big break in social media

Want to work on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter? Channel 5's video content editor offers first-hand advice on how to impress in interviews and nail the application process

Posted by Sophie Aristotelous on 03/11/20

Tip: Prepare for the US presidential election

Reporting live on US election day? GIJN provides expert sources, tools and strategies to make it through the event

Posted by Sophie Aristotelous on 02/11/20

Tip: Write the perfect CV for a journalism job

Job applications are tough and competitive, but an original and engaging CV will help you stand out from the crowd

Posted by Emily Redman on 29/10/20

Tip: Strategise with short-form audio content

Evening Standard offers seven ways to break into a crowded podcast market using snippets and soundbites

Posted by Emily Redman on 28/10/20

Tip: Master the art of vox pops

Grabbing soundbites from strangers on the street can be unnerving. Here are all the essential steps to interviewing members of the public

Posted by Emily Redman on 27/10/20

Tip: Four mental health strategies for student newsrooms

Journalists of all levels of experience can be personally affected by the stories they cover. These steps are tailor-made for supporting inexperienced reporters

Posted by Cameron Brooks on 15/10/20

Tip: Make the most of your work experience

Placements and internships are crucial for aspiring journalists to learn the trade. Here are ten tips on how to impress once inside the newsroom

Posted by Cameron Brooks on 14/10/20

Tip: How to recognise misinformation online

Avoid getting caught up in a string of lies on the web. Here are ten tips to tell facts and fiction apart

Posted by Cameron Brooks on 13/10/20

Tip: How to pass the 100wpm shorthand exam

Studying for the shorthand exam can be the bane of many young journalists' studies. Here are nine steps to increase your speed

Posted by Cameron Brooks on 12/10/20

Tip: Ten steps to becoming a brilliant newsroom leader

“Truly great leaders are rare, but decent leadership and management is a craft that can be learned and taught”. Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism offers advice on managing teams  

Posted by Sandra Stoica on 01/10/20

Tip: A complete guide to data visualisation

Charts and illustrations can help your story come to life. Here is all you need to know about being visually engaging with data

Posted by Sandra Stoica on 30/09/20

Tip: Transform your newsletter strategy

For many local media companies, email is still an undervalued resource. Bookmark these five tips from Dan Oshinsky to reconnect with your audiences

Posted by Sandra Stoica on 29/09/20

Tip: Five steps to become a mobile journalism wizard

Your smartphone can be a handy tool for your everyday reporting, but it can be tough to perfect. PressPad provides takeaways from its mojo masterclass

Posted by James Gray on 22/09/20

Tip: Five steps to creating a successful news app

Looking to help your loyal readers access your content on their smartphone? Follow these tips from The Telegraph that has recently launched its updated digital edition app

Posted by James Gray on 21/09/20

Tip: A beginner’s guide to creating a successful newsletter

Wondering how to define your mission or curate content? Media Voices shares seven lessons learned from launching its daily newsletter

Posted by James Gray on 18/09/20

Tip: Five questions that can bridge polarising conversations

In your next interview, why not try asking: "For those who disagree with you, what would you like them to understand about you?"

Posted by James Gray on 17/09/20

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