Tips for journalists

Tip: Use up-to-date and reliable covid-19 data

With coronavirus cases and deaths constantly rising across the world, here is a useful source to make sure you are using the latest figures in your coverage

Posted by Daniel Green on 09/04/20

Tip: Add solutions journalism to your coronavirus coverage

Solutions Journalism Network has compiled a set of solutions-focused stories which can be republished under a Creative Commons license

Posted by Jacob Granger on 08/04/20

Tip: Producing podcasts from home

No need to compromise on podcast quality during lockdown. Duvets and socks can help get clean audio

Posted by Daniel Green on 07/04/20

Tip: Free tools and content to help you cover the covid-19 pandemic

American Press Institute rounds up some of the free tools and grant funding available to newsrooms to help with coronavirus coverage

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 06/04/20

Tip: Adapting university lessons to video conferences

UK university course leaders and lecturers reveal how they have kept students' studies going on Zoom and Microsoft Teams platforms

Posted by Jacob Granger on 03/04/20

Tip: How to create a homemade vocal booth

Embrace your DIY spirit, and make a soundproofed recording set-up using a few household items

Posted by Amy Batt on 01/04/20

Tip: Five tips to cover covid-19 responsibly

Accuracy is key to reporting on coronavirus, here are some ways to make sure what you are reporting is factually correct

Posted by Amy Batt on 31/03/20

Tip: Nine ways to beat the stress of covid-19 coverage

Coronavirus is a story that never rests, so self-care is important to keep your spirits lifted

Posted by Amy Batt on 30/03/20

Tip: A crash course in mojo filming

A BBC mobile journalist offers some starting points for mobile journalism newcomers

Posted by Daniel Green on 27/03/20

Tip: A journalist's guide to video conferencing

In times of working from home, platforms like Skype and Zoom can be viable options to carry on doing interviews and editorial meetings. Here is everything you need to know

Posted by Daniel Green on 26/03/20

Tip: Advice for journalism students during the coronavirus lockdown

The pandemic has caused disruption and uncertainty to university students unable to leave their homes, but it is still possible to make the most of the situation

Posted by Jacob Granger on 24/03/20

Tip: Take care of yourself and your newsroom during the coronavirus pandemic

As the covid-19 outbreak turns everyone's lives upside down, here is how to protect your health, cover the crisis and plan events

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 23/03/20

Tip: How to efficiently work from home

As many employees are now working from home because of the covid-19 pandemic, here are some clever tips and techniques to make the most of your time away from the office

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 19/03/20

Tip: Seven ways to avoid misinformation about covid-19

Journalists need to be worried not just about passing the virus on to colleagues, but also spreading false information about the disease

Posted by Daniel Green on 18/03/20

Tip: Protect your mental health during the coronavirus pandemic

The uncertainty around the spread of covid-19 can have an impact on your mental, as well as physical, health. Here is how to take care of yourself

Posted by Daniel Green on 17/03/20

Tip: Travel restrictions impacting news-gathering? Hire a local freelancer

With the spread of coronavirus making international travel difficult, these freelancers can take assignments without getting on a plane

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 16/03/20

Tip: Create an effective 'contact us' page

Make it easy for your readers to get in touch with you - it can help to build trust and generate news tips

Posted by Jacob Granger on 13/03/20

Tip: Working with whistle-blowers

Although they can provide vital information that can uncover malpractice, tips from informants must be treated carefully

Posted by Daniel Green on 12/03/20

Tip: Investigating company accounts

Could your next story be buried in director statements and profit margins?

Posted by Jacob Granger on 11/03/20

Tip: Staying positive in the journalism job hunt

Job rejections are always tough to take, but it is important to keep your mental health in check

Posted by Daniel Green on 10/03/20

Tip: Best encrypted messaging apps for communicating with sources

When investigating a sensitive topic, journalists need to reduce the risk of hackers listening to conversations and stealing data. Here is how to choose the right app

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 09/03/20

Tip: 10 ways to strengthen local journalism

Local newsrooms are more trusted than most national outlets - here is how to preserve that trust and make it pay

Posted by Daniel Green on 06/03/20

Tip: Machine learning solutions for journalists

Still scratching your head about using AI in your newsroom? Here are some of the techniques commonly used in the Quartz investigations team and AI studio

Posted by Jacob Granger on 05/03/20

Tip: Five lessons for journalism in the age of rage

Journalists are no more the sole providers of information. If we are not careful, however, we may end up simply mirroring the anger-driven social media instead of being a counterweight on the side of the reason

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 02/03/20

Tip: Make complex facts easy to read

Avoiding or translating jargon, visualising data and creating the illusion of conversation can make your writing clearer

Posted by Daniel Green on 28/02/20

Tip: Fact-checking throughout election season

What should journalists be looking out for during the upcoming US election campaign?

Posted by Daniel Green on 27/02/20

Tip: Download Twitter videos on iPhone and Android

Here is a handy shortcut for getting your hands on social media video - but make sure you have the copyright holder's consent first

Posted by Jacob Granger on 26/02/20

Tip: A complete guide to broadcast engineering

Radio Tech Con provides everything you need to know about building radio studios to understanding transmissions

Posted by Jacob Granger on 25/02/20

Tip: Producing content that works for TikTok

What gets the attention of Gen Z audiences? Explainer content goes down a treat

Posted by Daniel Green on 21/02/20

Tip: Making cross-border collaboration a success

Vision, communication and shared resources are all key ingredients to working with journalists from different countries

Posted by Jacob Granger on 19/02/20

Tip: Must-read newsletters for freelance journalists

Make sure you are getting all the relevant opportunities and advice straight to your email inbox

Posted by Daniel Green on 18/02/20

Tip: Seven smartphone apps for photo editing

Make your mobile journalism picture-perfect with these editing tools

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 17/02/20

Tip: How to break into music journalism

Is writing about the latest music for NME your dream job? If so, here is how to you make your first steps into this competitive industry

Posted by Daniel Green on 12/02/20

Tip: Make your membership launch a success

Twelve crucial questions to consider before asking your readers to sign up

Posted by Jacob Granger on 11/02/20

Tip: All you need to know about NCTJ (and other journalism qualifications)

The qualification is valued in local and regional press, but is it a necessity to get scoops?

Posted by Melissa Spence on 10/02/20

Tip: How to become a data journalist

What skills do you need to be trawling through public datasets in pursuit of a story for a living?

Posted by Jacob Granger on 07/02/20

Tip: Verifying user-generated content during a breaking news event

The New York Times senior story producer reveals how his team checked the social media footage of the shoot-down of a passenger plane by Iran and debunked the official story

Posted by Daniel Green on 06/02/20

Tip: How to include audio in your mobile screen recording

Follow these tips to to set up screen recording on your iPhone and capture audio or voiceover at the same time - perfect for smartphone tutorials

Posted by Daniel Green on 05/02/20

Tip: Making collaborative journalism a success

Teamwork can make the dream work - but only if you have good project management

Posted by Daniel Green on 04/02/20

Tip: How to introduce reporters to mobile journalism

Download these apps and learn techniques for reporting with only your smartphone

Posted by Jacob Granger on 03/02/20

Tip: How to (and how not to) ask for funding

Crowdfunding for your next project or seeking an investment? Here are some rules to follow to give you the best chance of success

Posted by Daniel Green on 30/01/20

Tip: How to get verified on Facebook and Instagram

The verified tick is a sought-after symbol of prestige. So how do you get one on your account?

Posted by Jacob Granger on 28/01/20

Tip: Discover stories with real impact

Journalists need to look beyond Twitter and Google Trends to uncover stories with the power to change laws and society

Posted by Daniel Green on 23/01/20

Tip: How to spot and avoid burnout

Taking time to switch off from work, reaching out to colleagues for support and making healthier life choices can help offset chronic stress

Posted by Daniel Green on 22/01/20

Tip: How to make it easier for readers to subscribe

Facebook Journalism Project provide a step-by-step guide to gaining subscribers

Posted by Jacob Granger on 21/01/20

Tip: A fact-checker's guide to spotting manipulated video

At a time when false information presents itself in different ways, The Washington Post explains what journalists must look out for and how to take action

Posted by Jacob Granger on 20/01/20

Tip: Five ways to boost your Instagram presence

Looking to boost your following? Here are some pointers on creating eye-catching posts which attract followers

Posted by Jacob Granger on 17/01/20

Tip: Seven pointers on using Adobe Premiere Pro

Take your desktop editing up a notch with this advise on applying transitions and fixing colour

Posted by Jacob Granger on 16/01/20

Crowdfunding platforms for journalists

With newsrooms looking for new ways of financing their journalism, what platforms can they use to fund their next big project?

Posted by Daniel Green on 15/01/20

Tip: Find alternatives to VPNs

Although VPNs are useful in allowing access to blocked websites, some are owned by national governments - here are some alternative tools

Posted by Daniel Green on 15/01/20

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